Submitted by Narcotrafficante on Jan. 10, 2019, 4:51 a.m.

Hugfucker censored the entire "noncensored" GP part to Dread.

The past few days tons of proof has been coming out about the scam that they post on Dread. We have warned the community that they use multiple users to make them look real and they talk back and forth to each other to fake vendors shill them and evenually scam customers on Dread. We have been putting it all out on the GP secion because it was supposedly uncensored. Hugfucker has went back on what he said (normal) and has not erased all proof of everything said and all scams. I thin they are getting angry we know they are the ones from the original silk road and were the ones who scammed ross and evenually snitched on him and had him locked up for life. If all this stuff wasn not true there would be no reason to censor and hide anything. They only make it more obvious there on the daily that we are correct in all assumptions. Now we only have two wishes and we can stop all the bullshit because we do not like scams or liars.

1. DDW stops posting CP

2. Hugfaggot removes the part that says his forum is free speech because that is a lie. It is a censored scam forum.

We will never stop untill either these terms are done or all the business is taken from them when our market opens. We are tired of seeing this group of clowns harm the community and mostly giving all new comers a bad taste in their mouths. The darknet should not be about this. It was supposed to be free trade and freedom. Now it's a place that almost everybody is dreading to come to.


  • SHILL Jan. 10, 2019

    dont understand why you hang allday on dread - you posting everyday shitnews and make 10-.20 alt accounts with fake claiming .

    please stay on your lane and use your own "forum" for that.. or you tiered of speaking with yourself ?