Submitted by teenageangst on Jan. 15, 2019, 12:22 p.m.

Dream Market/deep web/carding/ im just venting

shit pretty much sucks, i put some coins on dream market and my payment never showed up.
im new at this, ive been getting pieces, and i havent really made any profit tbh, i used them online, i just bought weed and food with it, and some traps, i have good shit i just dont know how to cash out effectively. ive been homeless from the last 10 days, it sucks, all i want is my shit to work to get out of this nightmare. being a girl and doing this and being homeless its hard af.
I used to do something else before but people close to me fucked me over, so i turned to getting pieces, even tho idk what im doing.
Here in the DW everyone just wants to sell you stuff or scam you and i get it, but it sucks.
I just wanted to say DREAM MARKET SUCKS!


  • tommy777 Jan. 15, 2019

    i got a good laugh out of this. sorry for your loss.