Submitted by SHILL on Jan. 16, 2019, 8:23 a.m.


Today i meet narco at a wallmart parking lot. He looks very sad/unhealthy - he told wallmart wont take him back no more and now he is completely lost.

im a guy with heart so i offered $5 for a non condom blowjob whit cumshoot.
he agreed.a classic win/win situation.

we meet on my backseat a few minutes later. i played a bit beyonce for him - because he told me he likes it and do some dancing moves sometimes.

we didnt talk that much and he started sucking very soon. He is a real professional and i realized my cock was not the first cock in his mouth. also the fact he hastn any tooth(becuase of fent addiction he told.. ) it become a very smooth blowjob.didnt expect that narco can act professional.
i turned on the roof top ambilight and it was very romantic.

i can recommend that service !

he swallowed my cumshoot very uncomplicated and we smoked a cigarette after that. i give him a real Marlboro and his eyes started sparkling.

after cigarette i told him im still horny and i ask for a second round.
he agreed and had done it without payment.

that are real friends in my eyes !

like i wrote- i can recommend the professional service and i will help him to get new customers.

i will do the driving service and the organization !

get in contact


  • SHILL Jan. 16, 2019

    This is one area where Hugfucker outdoes Narco. I found hugfucker in his momma's basement once (i was just finished fucking his mom), and he told me his momma had just taken away his credit card that he was using to pay protection to hackers and actual OG darknet drug lords. He told me that hosting for Dread and his shill markets would be $1000 for that month, and plus protection fees that would be $20,000 that month. Since I'm rich, I said that I would pay his fees for that month if he let me fuck him no lube in the ass with no condom. He gladly agreed and he gave me the best blowjob in my life. Like Narco, he loves his crack pipe (which he smokes all day) so he also lacked teeth. I then bent him over his desk and he hit his pipe while I hit his ass. He gladly took all of my cum. One negative about the experience was that since he gets ass-raped a lot (by Speedstepper, DDW guy and others), his ass was not as tight as I would have liked it to have been.

    8/10 would recommend

  • SHILL Jan. 16, 2019

    i have a few friends who are interesting in fucking crackniggas is possible to rent Narco for that ? and how much ?

  • SHILL Jan. 16, 2019


    you a man with heart ! fact ! and narco is a real one.
    thumbs up and i hope narco will blow up the whole nation.