Submitted by SHILL on Jan. 19, 2019, 5:36 a.m.

Looking to take out a vendor

A vendor on Dream fucked me and robbed me for a nice amount of money. I was looking for a good way to fuck him up in the game. Let me know some good ideas and the best way to do this. It doesn't matter ranging from hurting him to his business. Let me know some ideas how.


  • SHILL Jan. 19, 2019

    just start mailing packages to us governement building a shit. they will be looking for that guy hard. of course this will take a little investment. either way you are going to pay.

  • souperman Jan. 19, 2019

    There aren't any movies I could recommend in good conscience right now, but perhaps a lobster dinner with a nice wine might make for a pleasant evening.

  • SHILL Jan. 19, 2019

    make a vendor account on Dream selling things he may want to sell (kilo of H, coke, etc.). make him initiate a transaction and give you his addy/drop addy. ship some flour and stake out the address. when he comes out to get his "coke", shoot him or rob him or whatever