Submitted by Narcotrafficante on Jan. 22, 2019, 7:03 a.m.

OPSEC guides people want?

I am looking to make some new OPSEC guides for the new website Anyone on here have suggestions of what type of opsec guides they need or what to see? You can post here anonymously and do not need to sign up so ask questions. If you don't ask you don't get and you won't learn. Here is your chance.


  • SHILL Jan. 22, 2019 (edited)

    you should write a guide on how to get ripped off by your business partners. you are the all time expert at that.

  • SHILL Jan. 22, 2019

    Guide for how to deal with a suspected MD while it is happening- how to deal with cops after you get arrested, etc.

  • SHILL Jan. 22, 2019

    you should publish a guid "how to suck without teeth"

    thats more your kind of business and everybody is interested in how you do that.

  • SHILL Jan. 22, 2019

    its like getting advice for stock investment from a homeless bum.