Submitted by SHILL on Jan. 22, 2019, 9:30 p.m.

Ineteresting Read On Dread (anonymous letter recieved)

Hey man, I was one of the original xxxxxxxx Dread, like the original one back in February. It's not a scam, it's LE. The site wasn't secure at all. I ran a crawler on it and captured a good chunk of it right before it got taken down. I copied one thread that in conjunction with my thread about the crawler (which is still up on the new one btw) proves it all. 2Happy had just disappeared for a week at the same time as HugBunter unannounced and that week, all of his packages got seized. In the middle of that thread, HugBunter claimed to be working on the remaining sites and Olympus asked him to respond to their PM in public. Olypmpus didn't take down Dread. Dread took down Olympus and then used it as a cover to whitewash the site and deploy it again once the hole I pointed out was covered up

Reddit-Dread was just a repeat of Alphabay-Hansa. Reddit closed all of those subs right when SESTA went to the house after passing in the Senate. But when FOSTA was added to it, they added the words "for other purposes," on top of the whole "sex-trafficking" bit. HugBunter admitted to starting work on Dread in August of 2017 as a "pentester" forum which was I doubt coincidentally right when SESTA was first introduced to the Senate. Those apparent arrests and disappearances were literally right when FOSTA-SESTA was signed into law by Trump. Since that blew a hole open in CDA 230, it gave the ability to prosecute site owners, admins, and moderators for others' speech on their site. Considering I never asked to be or even got invited to be a mod, it just randomly was endowed on me after pointing out that no one said anything in d/xxxxxxx after it was created for 3 days, and somehow txxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...well ya, shit wasn't right.

I'm pretty sure it's because I signed up for a vendor account, and my crawler pretty much affirmed that (the robot.txt file was only set to exclude xxxxxxxxxxxx that were able to shut down their subs and stated to be leaving). I spoke to Speedstepper on Dream's forum cause HB claimed to be working with the markets and there were a bunch of knock offs pretending to be from Dream. He verified that they were not from Dream and that he thought it was a Honeypot. Thing is, the original one wasn't. There was no backdoor, because they were copying everything through the front. Like practically the whole site included in what someone actually had to actively open up to crawlers. It was literally the least secure forum, period...on purpose.


  • SHILL Jan. 23, 2019

    nobody is interested mister FBI.

    you dindt like dread but copy articles - hang around their all day and talk about dread all day ?
    please do serious things and let us meet at wallmart parking lot for a little cock sucking session. i will pay you $10 today.

  • souperman Jan. 23, 2019

    Why redact the details? Presenting it like that just makes it look like a Hillary bought-and-paid-for fake dossier.

    Or perhaps that was the intent. /suspicious brow-raised emoji

  • Narcotrafficante Jan. 22, 2019

    This guy is a little too paranoid I think. Possible they are police but scammers also for sure. I have seen the scam sites with my own eyes. Unless that was also a cover. Hugbunter also being LE though I wouldn't doubt. I have seen many strange things go on in the place that doesn't make sense.