Submitted by subject6 on Jan. 24, 2019, 5:21 a.m.

For Hire

Extensively trained in martial arts, military experience (shot Expert in Army), looking for no-nonsense contract work. If you need somebody fixed, an issue cleaned, let’s talk. Requires minimum deposit to ensure a client is serious. Will operate anywhere in continental US, provided the travel expense is covered in the deposit. Minimum 2 weeks is guaranteed for job completion, where upon the remainder of payment can be collected. This is not a scam, this is not a honeypot. If you’re on the level, I’ll do the job for as little as $1,000 in BTC.

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  • curs3d Jan. 24, 2019

    Hey Bud,

    Do you have anyway to hack a account and load it?

    I am in serious trouble and need to find work/cash extremely fast.. My mother has been it by a drunk driver and she almost died. The driver that hit her did not have insurance and after the uninsured motorist fee, my mother is being sued for almost $1mil. This has put unbelievable stress on my family and I will do anything to help get my mother back to health. She was a doctor and now she will never be able to walk alone again... She broke 27 bones in her body including her back and suffered extreme internal damage as well- thankfully there wasn't any brain damage!! THANK YOU GOD!! She is a living miracle and all I want to do is to help her with the bills everyone else in my family is dead..

    My mother is all I have and bc of this I am willing to do anything to help. If you have any ideas as to what it is I can do, please inform me. I would be so grateful!

    I started the gofundme to try and get some support bc the fucked up healthcare system of the USA is now holding my mother responsible for $1mil for an accident that wasn't even her fault and now she cant even be a doctor any more.. This was her pride and joy- working with parents and delivering babies was her life.. now she cant even use the bathroom alone. Its tearing me up. I just don't know what to do. I sent my mom the only $10k I had to get her into a highly recommended rehabilitation center and now I have even left myself with nothing bc I love my mother... She is everything to me...