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NarcoTrafficante here.. First lets start by saying iandi you are a faggot and suck my dick. How does it feel to be the creator of this site and now reading it from the sidelines while I eventually get rich. Lol you are a chump and a joke and will always be a poor loser looking for your next scam. Still waiting to be paid back for my "borrow" or my market lol.

Recently I decided to start a new subreddit because reddit marketing is much more effective than anything else as most people know. Well as the guy has said in the other post reddit has once again banned my sub that I had made. It was obvious that it was me the same guy as I was not trying to hide it but this time I made sure that I made no GP spam or advertising. I made 0 advertising and also made sure that I did not promote anything as far at making a note that it was not a darknet subreddit and only a sub on online opsec. Today I logged on to find it all banned which pretty much confirms my suspicions that reddit mods and admins are also involved in this scam going on called Dream and WallStreet. There is no other reason for it to get banned unless I had people specifically looking for me to ban the competition.

I almost had it in mind that I wanted to terminate this website because of a few reasons including the deep dot molesters has written lies that we promoted cp and idiots actually believe that shit and I do not want (me) this place to even be involved in a name like that. Another reason is that I gave server access to the same faggot who is spamming the scam sites all over this forum that tried to scam me with Trap House. I do not know who that guy really is but he had a new scam site every single day and he also had Dreams code and was also able to post on Dread freely. We still have no idea who these people are or what we are dealing with which is really scarey.

If you think about it from every angle starting at day 1 the people on dread (/r/drugs) worked hand in hand with law enforcement to bring down Ross Ulbricht so who knows who is running these websites for real or the inside law enforcement contacts they still may have. For these reasons I do not want to log into the admin to remove spam because I do not feel comfortable loging into that untill I find someone I can trust to change the server. Loging onto here from TOR I couldn't give a shit less because I am safe on TOR as far as we know. The way this idiot iandi configured the site with the admin section I do not trust because as we all know that guy was a complete idiot.

Also the last reason for not removing the spam is because I built this place not to mod it but to give freedom to the people. If there wasn't a few bad people there wouldn't be any problems. For the most part this forum runs smooth without any problems. But the few faggots from Dread and Dream that want to spam scams ruins it for everybody. In the real world these people would be smacked or much worse but this is TOR where everybody (should be) is free and I do not want to censor this forum. So unless these idiots that want to scam and ruin it for everyone stops then the scams will continue and by censoring the forum will not stop it so I don't see the sense in censoring. Soon the new market will come out and soon after a new forum and the new forum we will remove spam and keep it running smoothly.

So recently my new project is starting with a first vendor shop goldentrianglecartel for my team but the next step is to turn it into a market and it will be called One Stop Shop. I have a new partner I am working with and so far everything is working out and praying this time everything will get done correctly. I am trying to work as quick as possible to geet everyone a new place running that we can trust but without me personally knowing these skills I am relying on other peoples times unfortunatly. With that said the new site is coming along nice and I am not rushing the guy because I want it to be built correctly and strong and build everyone a lasting site that we can finally trust. Sorry this is taking so long but the unfortunate fact that the darknet is filled with scammers and they are doing their hardest part to stop this project because an actual trusted market will severely hurt the profits of these scammers.

Fuck Dread Fuck Dream Fuck Reddit Fuck Hugbunter

- -NarcoTrafficante




  • SHILL Feb. 2, 2019

    I cant wait to see the new excuse you come up with to blame for the failure of whatever you try and do next.

    Let's see some options you have:

    - Blame a scammer
    - Blame a hack
    - Blame DDW / Dream / Pedos
    - Scam everyone yourself
    - Pretend it was HUGBUNTER~!# (lol)
    - Lie (which is what you've always been doing)

    Face it dude, you are a fucking JOKE. You cant even program nor know how anything really works. No one is ever going to believe you are fit to run a DNM. You cant even run this forum properly.

  • SHILL Feb. 1, 2019

    dread is a fbi undercover mission and GP also. But they dont know each other becuase both are secret missions and one day they will catching them and realized they both fwork for the fbi..

  • SHILL Jan. 31, 2019

    HAhahaha oh man this is amazing. Keep trying to push your bullshit lies, and you keep falling flat on your face. It's gonna be hilarious to see how you fail this time.

  • souperman Jan. 31, 2019

    Do you have an estimate on when the new forum will be up?