Submitted by Number2 on Feb. 2, 2019, 8:24 p.m.

DDW Guy Is Pedo

The DDW guy on reddit /u/drinkmorecodemore and also moderator of /r/onions is now posting his child porn news on /r/darknet. This man is a digusting human and using his reddit contacts to have all GP people removed and erased. Luckily this forum has been created so people that are interested in the truth can see it. Nobody in this industry should be supporting this man and his business.


  • Narcotrafficante Feb. 2, 2019

    And they are removing all posts relative and banning all users on reddit. I have a feeling that it is not only scammers involved anymore. Things aren't adding up. It could be that out competition is actually some sort of governement themselves and they do not want to lose power. It's al very confusing but one fact remains is that they are suppressing our ability to reach the masses as much as they possibly can.