Submitted by SHILL on Feb. 5, 2019, 1:43 a.m.

hypothetically speaking

if you were the biggest market available with close to 0 competition and any markets that are available where also owned by you anyway so losing customers wouldn't matter wouldn't pulling a fake ddos be the perfect way to collect tons of free coin? think about it right now tons of people can not find a working link and are using all these phishing site being left all over the place, by the same accounts shilling the market, wouldn't this route be much much better than an exit scam? it is basically a never ending exit scam and when people are getting locked out of their accounts phishing is the only and "logical" excuse to make. how many people are sending coins and then not being able to get back into their accounts? how much coin is being sent and lost due to fear of gov't attacks? how many vendors are now not able to log in for days because they don't know about this sub or other means to find legit links and the market locks them out because vendors are not allowed to go mia for more than a few days or they pull down the listings. does this make more sense to people or does a ddos attack that is not worth anything but time and money with no payoff a more sensible thought process to make? anyone else who has lost money thinking this and not only me?


  • souperman Feb. 5, 2019

    I'd agree that the current circumstances afford a great opportunity for phishers or a market exit. These things do not require the DDOS to be inherently fake.

    Extortion guy is legit.