Submitted by SHILL on Feb. 7, 2019, 12:34 a.m.


So I have discovered that TimothyLeary and HugBunter are actually Kimble and Verto. drabmax PM'ed me last night after getting demoted from moderator on dreadshit and said that he was highly suspicious of the two. apparently while TimothyLeary was in the midst of demoting him, drabmax had threatened to tell everyone on Dread the truth about the scams and that he and his partner Hug owned Empire, Wallstreet AND nightmare and were planning to scam all three (not to mention all of Dread). of course we all know that hugbunter and timothyleary are scammers but get this. Timothy alluded to the fact that what drabmax said was correct but allegedly also said this: "That might be true, but anything we would get from that would just be extra change on the stack of coins we already have. That wouldn't be our first run at that type of thing. ;)". Let's be logical here. It wouldn't be their first run at a huge scam (from which they have already made "stacks of cash"). They're a duo of censoring pieces of shit. Who else do we know on the darknet that is greedy, censors, owns markets, cards, owns forums and scams for millions of dollars? You guessed it- Kimble and fucking Verto. Look no further for the truth about Dread.


  • souperman Feb. 7, 2019

    drabmax usually takes every opportunity to suck hugbunter's dick. Are you saying he has flipped after the newly promoted Mods from reddit ran him and adruguser out of /d/fraud town?

  • Narcotrafficante Feb. 7, 2019

    I really wasn't around for that whole thing but I do know they supposedly **ACTED** like they were helping Ross which we also know is complete bullshit. Why the similiarities are always the same it makes a lot of sense. I am a complete moron and should have screen shotted when TimothyLeary offered me Nightmare Market to stay quiet but I told him I wouldn't say shit about what he told me privately and unlike them I am a man of my word but at this point fuck them the scamming peices of shit they are.