Submitted by Narcotrafficante on Feb. 7, 2019, 7:06 a.m.

Everyone see how nightmare market scammed

And the owner dry admitted that he was HugeFucker

This is not a "this is a market scamming" post. I am informing the community that Nightmare Market Owner known as Creative is banning vendors and customers for padding their feedbacks and taking their bitcoin. Additionally, I am explaining how multi sig security feature is not in operation as the owner of Nightmare has access to all of the funds and has stolen them form the vendor and customer.

Numerous users have called out the owner of Creative to show poof of his claims against TurkishTaurus and Pewpewpew for padding their feedback, but as of now, the only proof has been provided by the affected users.

Nightmare owner is trying to censor this story and has banned TurkishTaurus and PewPewPew from his subdread/Nightmaremarket. HOWEVER, A higher admin has reinstated those two users because Nightmare admin is censoring them. Here is the onion with a ton of comments and people trying to help: http://dreadditevelidot DOTONION /post/28462f9cfa5ab99ac084/#c-9492cdca78d72045c0

"Creative," ["[](]([mailto:"](mailto:"" otherwise, owner of Nightmare market has banned me and my customer this morning claiming that we are padding my feedback. My customer is out $230 and Im out my vndor bond. A similar story but not related, he has also banned a guy named Redface33 and kept his 1.8BTC ( last month.)

The way this happened is that the owner inserted himself in a transaction between pewpewpew and me. He was able to subvert the multisig payment and redirect the bitcoin to himself.

The customer contacted me after the order was canceled. Asking if I canceled it. I informed him I did not.

As you can see here, the customer messaged me and informed me of the problem.

Some other information we messaged:

I immediately contacted the owner of nightmare market using jabber. Weve been talking for two months here and there building report. Ive been helping him with his site, with the spelling and grammar errors and other language barrier problems. Heres this initial chat:

He refunds the customer his money. But tells me that withdraw is disabled.

Were just bullshitting about the projects hes working on. Here is where things start to go south. We have a miscommunication, I assume hes being chill and joking around. I cant seriously think he can check my cookies, even if it was me doing this, its fucking TOR. And not too many people are stupid enough not to cover their tracks. That's why TOR exists. Its anonymous. If I wanted to pad my own fucking feed backs, I could, easily. Anyway, heres where he starts to lose it. I tell him I Will upload those chats I showed above. This entire time im chatting with the customer. You can match up the time stamps and see how in sync they are.

I am missing the other screen shot of the rest of this, but it ends in me getting blocked.

I created a new exploit account after informing the customer about the block:

This is and has been a nightmare.

Here is a new conversation with the owner of nightmare market. I created a second account and added him. Some other things transpired in this time. But I was trying to find out how to prove to this clown were real people and we are two different people.

As you can see throughout this entire process the owner of nightmare acknowledges he has blocked us and taken our money. He has not denied anything. He has just stated we are banned and padding our feedback. We cannot allow this behavior.

The customer provided us with proof he is indeed in Germany.

I have some more chat logs with the owner of Nightmare market, however, I would rather not even go that route. They are somewhat private and do share details about him and his servers and what he does.

I dont think its right to aire dirty laundry like this. But this guy is misguiding us all. Does anyone have any suggestions on this? Why did the multisig not work? If the owner controls the bitcoins, multisig was supposed to prevent a hostile take over by the administrators. Obviously thats not working!

The owner if Nightmare has blocked me and refuses to answer. I am asking simply:


As you can see me and the customer are not giving up on this. Both of us, including other concerned users on Reddit and dread are contacting your market vendors and notifying them of whats going on. We are also posting on Reddit and dread about the scam on your market. None of us will stop this until you fix what is right. Ive already got your clear net site taken down and I’m working on getting your other stuff taken down also. Interestingly enough, my contacts in Russia are curious who you are and are going to start looking into you over there.

This isnt about the money at this point. I could give fuck all about this. Its about the principle of the matter. For whatever reason, you decided to scam us over $330? What the fuck for? Did you scam Redface too? You told me you blocked his account and be processed 1.8btc.

I am asking for something simple. A refund for both of us. We will remove everything we’ve posted so far. The longer this goes on, the harder it will be to remove all the negative posts about nightmare.

Right now its all fixable. I’m asking you to step up and fix this now.

Please return my vendor bond to:


Please return pewpewpew/lechuckys $230 to:


If you do this, me and him will stop and we will notify those helping us that you have refunded us properly. I will not make THIS message public until later today, so if you want to fix it quickly, no one will know you paid us off to go away and you can save face.

I keep giving you outs man. Take one. Its an olive branch.


  • souperman Feb. 7, 2019

    The accusation appears to be stat-padding.

    Did the vendor provide proof that this was his only sale on the market? Is there any info on his account other than this single (and now extremely public) deal?

  • SHILL Feb. 7, 2019

    "And the owner dry admitted that he was HugeFucker"

    LOL, no he didn't. where in this post does the owner admit that?

  • SHILL Feb. 7, 2019

    You're on fucking crack. You start out by saying that Creative owns the market, but also answers to another admin? Get your fucking lies straight. Either he owns it or he doesn't.