Submitted by SHILL on Feb. 10, 2019, 6:38 a.m.

FriedTheChicken and Nightmare

I've gathered some circumstancial evidence that points to ex- Dream Market staffer FriedTheChicken (FTC) as the owner of Nightmare Market.

Last year, FTC got into a few arguments with his boss SpeedStepper about typical work shit (i.e. low salary, bad working hours, etc.). Being a drugged-up lazy talent-barren billionaire faggot, SpeedStepper fired him over this and censored all his posts on the Dream forum. Naturally FTC was pissed about this, so he wrote something on Pastebin that seems to (possibly) mark him as the owner of Nightmare Market. The specific line that got my attention was "Fuck ScamStepper, we'll soon be launching the best marketplace Tor has ever seen."

It's interesting to think that soon after he wrote this, Nightmare launched. It's even more interesting to note that the word "nightmare" is very similar in meaning to "dream". Perhaps a connection? A thinly veiled "fuck you" to SpeedStepper and Dream?

What do you think? (And no, Narco, TimothyLeary is not the correct answer.)


  • SHILL Feb. 11, 2019

    what dictionary do you have?

    the opposite of dream is...nightmare idiot lol if anything thats why it scams!