Submitted by SHILL on Feb. 15, 2019, 2:18 a.m.

What Dread Doesn't Want You to Know

Wake up! Do not let yourselves be fooled by the lies Hugefucker and the Dread community spread.

In order to understand what Dread is doing, you need to realize that everything is controlled by a group made up of scammer market owners led by scam kings Kimble and Verto, who are better known in the present as Dread owners TimothyLeary and HugBunter. They have been responsible for every event in darknet history, most notably the Evolution exit scam and the Silk Road/AlphaBay busts. Did you really think Ross and Alexandre would just leak their personal emails to the public? No. See, Kimble and Verto knew the identities of Ross and Alexandre from the start. When both of them refused to scam their markets and give the proceeds to the fledgling darknet government, Kimble just had Cyrilio, who had been undercover on SR as Inigo and on AB as DeSnake, snitch the identities of the owners to LE. Sadly Ross fell victim to the snitch and got life (✝), but Alexandre managed to outsmart both of those fuckers. He just faked his death and moved to Cyprus. See, Alexandre had known the truth. Apparently Cyrilio (who BTW is known on Dread as Witchman05), had gotten double-crossed on a few payments by Verto and told Alexandre everything, including the IRL identities of Kimble and Verto. Crazy shit- turns out Kimble was living in Cyprus only a little ways away from Alexandre and his wife. A rightly pissed off Alexandre apparently (so I've heard) took a bit of the cash left over from AB(✝✝) and called a hit on Kimble. Few days later Kimble was dead (that's what the post on Reddit was about). Head and fucking hands chopped off.

You might be wondering what happened to TimothyLeary's account if Kimble was dead. Well, seeing an opportunity for power over the multibillion-yearly darknet drug-and-fraud trade, Cyrilio just stole his account. Verto/HugeFucker doesn't know this. The account was part of the $15 million deal with Alexandre. So the guy who said that Kimble is TimothyLeary is only partially correct. Kimble *was* TimothyLeary.

So, now matters are even worse. In charge of Dread *and* the markets (✝✝✝) we now have a fucking snitch and a scammer. Make up your own mind about how that shit is going to go down.

It was remiss of me to mention a darknet "government" and not expose the rest of the players. The basic rule is: if a market owner scams, they are a part of the conspiracy. Even some honest owners are part of it too, to throw off suspicion. Backopy, the Atlantis and Agora guys, and the Sheep guy are all a part of this. Speedstepper might be as well, though he'll only really be a full member when he scams Dream.

tl;dr Kimble, Cyrilio (snitch), and Verto are TimothyLeary and Hugbunter and are plotting to scam all the markets and Dread. They're also indirectly responsible for the arrests of Ross Ulbricht and Alexandre Cazes.

✝: Either Kimble, Verto, or their enforcer Cyrilio (with scam profit), paid Katharine Forrest $4 million to give Ross life in a maximum security prison. They didn't want him to ever be able to tell the truth about the scams.

✝✝: Did you really think $25 million was all, or even close to all that Alexandre made off commission? And BTW, the $25 million "seized" went straight to Kimble and Verto. They fucking own at least half of LE.

✝✝✝: They created Dread to be able to shill their scam markets and lies. Avoid it at all costs.


  • SHILL Feb. 16, 2019 (edited)

    Narco you need to see a therapist and get on meds, seriously.

    You are fucking retarded and there is no way you are a sane person.

    I bet you have the same IQ as a Chia Pet.

  • SHILL Feb. 15, 2019

    Oh god, this is amazing. I'm crying I'm laughing so hard. Please make this the new official tinfoil hat story you tell everyone! Oh god it's amazing.

    I think my favorite is this line: "They have been responsible for every event in darknet history"


  • SHILL Feb. 15, 2019

    Started off really believable. (all the exit scams and snitching)

    Then got really fake. (after Cazes faking death)

    Then got real agin with this darknet government. (which is bound to colapse soon)

    A little more bullshit.

    They created Dread to be able to shill their scam markets and lies. Avoid it at all costs. (true)