Submitted by Narcotrafficante on Feb. 16, 2019, 5:42 p.m.

Got scammed again.

This time I may or may not have the full files to the vendor shop but he said he was putting it online then deleted his reddit account /r/whaliam

Hoping I may have the shop atleast.

Update: Regular peice of shit e commerace .com. Nothing good or worth anything.


  • SHILL Feb. 19, 2019

    You stupid faggot. How many times is it going to take until you realize you simply aren't smart enough to run a DNM let alone delegate tasks or manage anything. You couldn't even find your way out of a wet paperbag lmao.

    That's why you get when you try and pay barely nothing for a programmer.

    Your sins will catch up to you very soon ;)

  • bymy0wn Feb. 18, 2019 (edited)


    We still have available the source code for sell of our vendorshop ready to use. Also we offer full support, installations, customizations and bugfixing coverage for life, whatever you need.

    Want to do serious business now? lets chat at or write a PM.

    BTW, we are developers with almost 20 years of professional experience and that allows us to choose and take advantage of the best technology to develop our products. Building websites from scratch always incurs many risks. Any programmer can write code, but only the GOOD programmers reuse code.