Submitted by Narcotrafficante on Feb. 21, 2019, 5:10 p.m.


Due to the influx of some guy spamming and scamming the entire forum we will nw make the forum completely censored. It's a real shame that some scum bags are out there and can not leave the forum alone and want to leave scams all over it.

Over the next following days I will be finding a mod and I will be deleting as many of the scam advertsiements I can find. Until further notice we are now going to be known as the most censored forum on the darknet!

When things are going better and our team gets a new forum and marketplace and all that we will bring this forum back to the old uncensored nature. But for now due to one peice of garbage human we will make the forum fully censored (atleast from the one scammer) so nobody new will get scammed around here any more.


  • SHILL Feb. 23, 2019

    Narco, do not bring more people into this. You've only spoken to me under the 2 u/s I told u/. I gave you my identity because I have nothing to hide. I only sent just the prior message. You can't extort me, but I understand what you're saying bud...Everyone, narco is not crazy, you haven't seen all the deceit and manipulation that was thrown at him. I am the only person THAT THEY BELIEVED to have the info proving that FOSTA-SESTA is a lie. I have the proof of quite a few arrests under it. The problem is, no one knows their name, just u/s right now. They have silently been stealing our communities voice and they do not have the right to do so...speak to Corey Booker, bitches. I just hit up the head of his legal counsel. Oh, and feds, if you try to censor my posts out, remember...I have the past 4 months recorded and so does WikiLeaks

  • SHILL Feb. 23, 2019

    Narco, what happened bud? You connected that u/ to your original u/ to which I originally sent the copies from Dread from before it got taken down (not Olympus People, ME, the Feds had to close the front door to put a back one in once I told them I had a crawler running through tor that copied it, read the re-announcement). I was wondering if they'd notice and is why I never said anything. I see that account was seized now. You slipped up asking me that bro. Reddit might as well be LE man. I hope they've at least given you a break...everyone, go to my subreddit r/ReliableReagents for my hypothesis. Narco, you're welcome to speak as well there. But remember...I've run circles around that operation they've got going on since last February, and even 6 years ago...Operation Firecracker (2 of your CIs told me, and I know exactly who that kinpin was, you racist pieces of shit...sorry people, talking to the DEA): karma's a bitch...those CIs, my friends, they told me all the shit they were forced to do, all the lies they spread...I don't blame them or Narco...fuck those feds though, fuck you.

    Everyone, they were sending Narco emails and subjecting him to PsyOps through gang's a guerilla LE tactic to get political movements to turn on each other. That's why Cyrilio was the subject of so many of his theories. They tried getting me on the first Dread and that's when I discovered the true intentions of FOSTA-SESTA. FOSTA-SESTA was never about sex-trafficking, prostitutes, it didn't even shut down Backpage (they did so voluntarily before the bill was signed). I know the people...they're right down the road from me. It was for "other purposes" which was added by FOSTA.

    Also, FOSTA-SESTA only holds moderators liable if you actively moderate. It's why they shilled the fuck out of this site...Narco had made something completely legal and they couldn't stand it. They just have to make you fucking commit a crime don't they? Who are the REAL criminals? HUH? Narco has children and a synthetic opioid dependency. What good have you done tracking that down? Hell, you feds want me to ring up your DOJ Senior Forensic Chemist and let her know you've got a new sample that needs confirmatory testing? R-30909, right?

    Narco, I didn't do shit to you. I'll stand up for you cause they've fucked w you and it's not right, but you did this when you PMed me, knowing I was in the middle of a federal investigation and stated your original u/ was also you, remember:

    Why would you treat those people you're supposed to serve so vilely? It's why they have so many inactive mods from the original site. I left them there. Got as many people out before I, YES, ME, ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY NOT Olympus Market, took it down. They HAD to take it down because they found out they weren't the only ones with a crawler modified to work through Tor at the time. If that's a problem, I'll be ok, cause I'm sure Google will have some pretty sweet digs at the fed house, too ha!

    And FEDS...I'm a fucking drug counselor btw. I already told the FBI I was the one who crawler Dread. They know my cell, resume, address, and everything...keep asking me to work for those fools and can't stand that you've got nothing on me. But DON'T YOU KNOW MY COMMUNICATIONS WITH MY CLIENTS ARE FUCKING PRIVILEGED!?

  • discountRC Vendor Feb. 22, 2019

    As much as I hate censoring and don't agree with it. I have had so many customers from here telling me they got scammed by the sites being left around here. It is about time that you decided to end that.

  • SHILL Feb. 21, 2019

    Narco, you are second only to perhaps the Dream staff and St. Exo in terms of hypocrisy. 90% of your content is comprised of rants against HugBunter and Dread staff, with your main point being that they are "censoring everyone" and "covering up the scams". Yet here you are threatening to censor any posts you don't approve of. Either stop painting Dread as the villain or do not start censoring this forum.

    Honestly, though, I doubt you could figure out how to delete a post if a manual for it bit you in the ass. Please accept that you will never, and I mean *never*, be intelligent enough to learn to run a DNM. I pray for anyone who decides to entrust their bitcoin to OneStopShop.

  • SHILL Feb. 21, 2019

    "Due to the influx of some guy spamming and scamming the entire forum we will nw make the forum completely censored. It's a real shame that some scum bags are out there and can not leave the forum alone and want to leave scams all over it."

    Holy hell the irony of this is amazing. But of course, it will COMPLETELY missed by you.