Submitted by Witchwomen05 on March 1, 2019, 7:53 p.m.


Woahhhhh people!! GP has a few vendors here. Looks like they finally took it in another direction. Hats off and boots kickin! Let's get GP rockin. Looks like a great way to start up a business and have everything out in the open. Only trusted vendors on an uncensored forum. If you want to advertise and sell (without fees) you only need to confirm you are a real seller. How could this fail. If any of the vendors are scamming the people can always report the scams with proof and vendors would be removed if deemed in the wrong by community decisions. This is the way that I am looking at it correct me if I am wrong. I am also still looking to be MOD. If anyone can hear this old fart darknet noob I would like to have a position with the Inqusition.

Keep up the good work Narco. I would suck your dick if I could.


  • SHILL March 1, 2019

    sounds about right to me. the second this vendor starts to scam people everybody will know about it fairly quickly. if we keep it to a few vendors in each category we will know who is good and has the best price and product as the community builds. i would try it when they get a vendor with my product i am looking for in.