Submitted by silentstorm on March 2, 2019, 7:10 a.m.

hugefucker scamming again

i first came onto dread to notice it was filled with a spam of a scam website that was posted here yesterday. it was posted by the same guy always posting the same scams who i suspect to be credit card center who i also suspect to be hugefucker.

i then noticed this fake review get put up and get 3 upvotes in a matter of minutes.

they then banned my user and locked my post because i started to call out the scams.

responce from the mod. for obvious reasons they can not remove posts that are consecutively posted in a row all the same? that should be simple.

how dread still looked after then banned me.

more and another scam report by a vendor shilled on and by dread members

the spam starts on the 3rd page. now we are on the 7th page and look at this. berlusconi market just scammed a customer for .3 bitcoin. another market shilled by deepdotcp and dread.

then i made a new user and made this comment. the first time i tried it was censored out by hugefuckers filter of the word scam to stop anybody from writing any scam reports.

now the fake review has another fake review about the same vendor posted twice at the top with now 7 upvotes.

they also made this post coming up next about censoring the entire subdread for wallstreet because of this "spam attack" in which they have a back end mod tool to easily just go down the list and erase them but they left it up there. now the wallstreet subdread can not get anymore scam reports because the entire place is censored. i suspect they just made a big hit on wallstreet and are trying to cover it up.

so basically now we are left off with one more market they shill scammed a user. there is a new scam bitcoin mixer website they are trying to shill and left it all over dread. and there is a fake vendor trying to scam people at the top of the page. wallstreet subdread is fully censored and no one can make a scam report. i can't decide if this is funny or it's sad but i am laughing hysterically right now at how obvious they are and that some fucking idiot is going to try to exchange dirty coins with hugefucker and only get the truth that dread is a scam.


  • SHILL March 4, 2019

    So scams being spammed on dread for 5 hours means hugbunter is scamming. What are your thoughts when narco leaves CP posts on GP for a week at a time?

  • cccenter March 2, 2019

    you got me.

    and please sit down before read.

    im kim jong un and its all a mission to infect the united states ...

    i know its hard stuff but thats the game.

    if anybody need creditcards or moneytransfer.. we having fresh new korean cards in stock.