Submitted by Number2 on March 6, 2019, 6:26 p.m.

Reminder About The Censoring

We already let the world know he that GP will now be fully censored until we deem it not a problem to be uncensored once again. We opened with the uncensored vision but lisa freeworld creditcardcenter and others wanted to abuse the power and post scams everywhere. We will not let any of these scam type posts stay on the forum unless we know for sure it is not a scam. CP talk has always been banned besides when the Hindu took over and tried to turn it into CP with the DDW guy. But anyway we hope you are all enjoying the forum and no CP talk unless it's warning people about deeppaste or it's warning people about ddwcp news website and scam phishing site.


  • SHILL March 6, 2019

    i posted an alert to let people know about /u/lolguyflycom and how he is a known and admitted user of deeppaste and spends way too much time on ddwcp looking for stories about cp. the first one was deleted by number2 and he then made this bullshit post:

    ( in case he decides to lie about it)

    so its ok to talk about the ddwcp dude because hes a pedo. but it's not allowed to talk about this new guy who is a pedo? whys number2 trying to cover for this guy?

    so i made another post alerting people about this pedo and how GP is now protecting kid touchers by deleting posts letting everyone know the truth. and guess what?! number2 deleted it again.

    then the fucking cp supporting bitch number2 makes another post:


    now he changes his story and says its ok to post warning people about deeppaste and ddw, but he keeps deleting posts showign the truth about this pedo who is linked to both of those sites. why is he deleting the truth? why is he fucking censoring the truth unless he is covering for someone. so either its his alt, or its narcos alt, and he is doing his best to keep the truth from coming out so he can protect himself from being outted as the kid toucher that he is.

    fuck this kiddie porn supporting censorship bullshit.

  • SHILL March 6, 2019

    You should probably update the website then, since the main page says "Anonymous & Uncensored Forum"

    You don't want to be lying to people, do you?

  • SHILL March 6, 2019

    so you are covering up for your buddy lolguyflycom - probably because it's your own alt. why you deleting stuff warning abotu a deeppaste/ddw pedo and then saying that its ok to post about deeppate/ddw? cause you are covering up for your alt.