Submitted by Number2 on March 7, 2019, 2:42 p.m.

To Address The Recent CP FUD

We made this forum with the outlook to have the first uncensored darknet forum. A group of individuals that speak perfect english on some posts and horrible half broken english worse than the hindu that built this place on others decided to turn this into a scam advertisement forum. We cleaned up all the scams as far as we can tell and now they are angry and want to claim cp everywhere. We already said CP was banned from this forum unless it is warning about the DDW guy and how he shilled play pen to rise up on fame and money. We will leave the last post to prove how stupid this guy is with the types of proof he leaves. lolguyflycom is one of our main marketers and partners and is far from a pedo. Me and lolguyflycom have a little joke Bitch Of The Day and take turns sending each other a photo or video daily of sexy women. There is no CP here besides the faggot lurking DDW which was already proven by linking users and post history on reddit.

Bitch Of The Day - lolguyflycom's turn was today and this was his pick.

The CP talk is now over. Go back to DDW archives for that.


  • SHILL March 8, 2019

    the funny thing is the more than people continue to speak about this shit the more advertisement each and every one of these fuckers get.

  • SHILL March 7, 2019 (edited)

    sorry bitch, your secrets out. we know you are the same person and a fucking pedo to boot. finding pics of chicks on the internet isn't proof that you aren't a fucking kid toucher. you fucking admitted you are protecting lolguyflycom. fucking disgusting.