Vendor | DiscountRC
Market | Dream Market
Product | Alprazolam powder, 25 g
Price | $1092
Shipping | ?>US 9 Days
Shipping cost? | Free
Required FE? | Escrow all the way
Decoy/Barrier | Both
Incentive for review? | Ripped off by other vendors no longer in action, and this guy deserves it.


Communication | 8/10 (prompt)
Shipping time | 9/10
Stealth | 10/10
Aesthetics | 10/10
Weight | 10/10
Quality | 10/10
Price value | 8/10
Vendor | 10/10
Transaction | 10/10
Customer service | 10/10
TOTAL SCORE | 95/100

I got scammed by more than one alprazolam powder supplier a few months back and I had to find someone quick and cheaper than the others offering escrow. This guy fit the bill, very low risk. Considering his shipping methods I am very comfortable ordering with him. I ordered a 10 g pack just to be sure it was going to be the right stuff, then (for this review) a 25g pack. For the record I extended the escrow on the first order because it had a slight delay, but the vendor offered the extension up and everything worked flawlessly. If you're in a mad dash to get the goods, maybe you should have thought ahead a bit more. I'm told there's a U.S. shipping source for this vendor now but I will come back with a review on that if true.

The goods: 25 g exactly came well packed from a particularly stealth (not hot) origin which was awesome. After a few days tracking becomes available and the vendor will send it over. If you want opsec in comms you should ask for it becasue he just sent that right over. That's where the 2 point deduction on stealth was applied. Now I know from all the different garbage that was sent to me what vendors are trying to pass off as real Alprazolam. This stuff is it, and it's nice and dry, so you aren't getting shorted with water weight. It's also easier to mix in when so finely prepared. Feedback from others is always 5/5, and I personally dipped into the goods and it is exactly like the stuff that is touted as the best on reviews here. I've tried every vendor worth a nickel. I measured and compared the product in all the ways necessary to determine that this is uncut pure and correct. DiscountRC sells as little as 1 gram so you could try without putting too much up.

I asked if the product and quality will ever change in quality if I purchase different amounts, because when I broke through the 50g mark with others I was being scammed left and right, alp derivatives. Vendor assured me it will be the same every time. Two packs, two perfect transactions. Will continue to purchase.

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