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Dimethocaine = Garbage

Report I just saw and figured I'd let you guys know.

What's up my fellow chemical enthusiasts?

I've recently had the opportunity to put to the test a substance that has been floating around the RC scene for quite some time now: dimethocaine (DMC), also known as larocaine, a local anesthetic whose mecanism of action somewhat resembles that of cocaine (which I have not tried yet). There is very little information available about this compound, let alone a dedicated PsychonautWIKI page, but The Drug Classroom has done a superb job compiling a substantial amount of data from several authoritative sources with the aim of providing deeper insight into the chemical's history, pharmacology and recreational dosages, among others. I've been wanting to explore this molecule for a while, but due to its limited availability among the RC vendors and the not-so-stellar reports I've read online, it took me some time to take the leap. The batch of dimethocaine I acquired presents as a granular, off-white powder.

After having received my package (from a Dutch vendor I had never ordered from before), I proceed to "test the waters" by inserting a fingertip of the powder into my mouth and wait for an hour. I do not observe any biological reaction so far, nor any anesthesia which makes me wonder whether or not I have genuine dimethocaine in my possession, or a totally different chemical.

I opt for nasal administration and prepare to this end a 50 mg line on my home desk (only this particular ROA will be used, vaping turned out to be a complete disaster). I proceed to snort the line, it hurts a little, but certainly not to the extent it would have with the ultimate champions in the category, namely 3-FPM, 4-FA and 4-MC (the latter being undoubtedly the most painful compound I've ever insufflated). 10 minutes have passed - so far nothing worth to be mentioned, apart from the awful bitter taste of the dimethocaine that lingers in my throat (drip) for at least half an hour. This stuff is absolutely disgusting.

I decide to up the dosage and snort another 100 mg line. The dimethocaine actually starts to exert its numbing effects and anesthesia is, at this point, strongly pronounced, especially around the nose and the teeth (in a similar way to N-ethyl-hexedrone). I have no idea why, but it feels extremely enjoyable. Meanwhile, CNS stimulation symptoms are building up as I notice some pupil dilation (mydriasis), a significant increase in heart rate and a moderate rise in blood pressure, albeit not to potentially dangerous levels (in the name of harm reduction, those two factors will be constantly measured throughout the duration of the experience). Peripheric/adrenergic stimulation is sharply marked, and even though I do have a stimulant tolerance, pleasurable feelings of euphoria/motivation/concentration (generally dopamine-related), which constitue the primary purpose of this biological assay, remain absent or too low to be empirically perceived during the research. At this stage, I just feel more awake and feel the need to type faster on my keyboard. I decide to push the dosage higher to explore the full potential (if any) of the chemical.

About 30 minutes later, 100 mg are administered once again using the nasal route, eventually producing a little euphoria after a few minutes (increased music appreciation, to be more precise, drive to sing along the song and move my head to the rhythm), but nothing too crazy. That feeling was extremely short-lived and not THAT intense, so I kept trying to chase it - most of the time to no avail - during the entire afternoon and ended up finishing the whole gram before the day was over. I was still experiencing mental and physical stimulation by the end of the day so I decided to spray an etizolam solution under my tongue to get rid of those uncomfortable sensations and reach more easily the arms of Morpheus. Sleep was hard to find that night, even with the help of the hypnotic solution. I felt normal the morning after, except for some typical residual grogginess and a small headache that likely resulted from the act of snorting large amounts of powder in a short amount of time.

To conclude, I'd say dimethocaine is not worth it. It surely has stimulant properties, but it requires more than 200 mg (at least in my experience) to obtain a "moderately" pleasant effect that could fade away almost in the blink of an eye. I now understand the generally dull tone of the few previous reports posted on Reddit and Bluelight, but let's just say this one was done for the sake of science! One thing is certain though - I won't be buying this molecule again, whether in its pure form or in some blended proprietary mix. Just not worth the hassle and money.

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