Submitted by SHILL on Sept. 1, 2018, 8:52 p.m.


Hello my friends, we are a group of psychedelic dealers working in Iran, our speciality is dealing large amounts of cheap, LSD like blotters, I am interested in products and specially interested in 25e-NBOH.
I had some questions before ordering that I wanted to help with.

1- we need 50 grams of product, we intend to make 25000 blotters with 2 mg of NBOH in each blotter, is that possible?

2- as I mentioned we are going to put 2 mg of 25e-NBOH on a blotter, is that enough for one heavy dose? We bought 2 mg blotters of 25i-NBOH from this market before and it was satisfying, (we are looking for product with the least bitter taste a possible and an LSD like trip)

3- can anyone give me the instructions on how to make blotters? Like solvents used and paper type.

4- I can see that products are priced around 1400$ per 50 grams, are these orders usually esscrows or we need to FE at the time of buying? What is the reship/refund policy for my country?
(I have bought numerous items from markets and all of them were received without any problem, our dropping point is a very large pharmaceutical company which I work in, since it recives +10 packages per day of chemical/pharmacuetical samples from around the world, our orders will pass through customs very easily)

Thanks for the help, I'm waiting for your responses.


  • thepaperman Sept. 3, 2018

    not recommended to use nboh as lsd.
    50g = 50k mg so you can definitely make 25k blots. check each vendor for policy of shipping and stuff. not all vendors are FE. and you don't need to FE all the time