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They should line up the firing squad.

Figured I'd make the first post here and get this sickos name out in the streets. Hopefully after his measly 3 years someone puts a bullet in his head. Paging /u/thatbitch!!

Ashington Pedophile Sentenced to 32 Months for Distributing ‘Child Pornography’

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Newcastle Crown Court heard how a 43-year-old from Ashington fell into a trap set by undercover law enforcement officers at an undisclosed law enforcement after contacting pedophiles on darknet forums in search of a child he raped. At the hearing, the court ordered a prison sentence of just under three years and a lifetime on the sex offender registry.

Steven Boulton, 43, of Chillingham Crescent, Ashington, had first communicated with an undercover law enforcement agent in 2016. The undercover agent, according to Prosecutor Michael Bunch, reached out to Boulton through an undisclosed darknet forum after reading graphic stories of rape and child abuse Boulton had anonymously posted. These stories focused on the rape of young girls between the ages of 10 and 14 years old. On the darknet forum where law enforcement agents had been posing as pedophiles, Boulton related his stories to the child abuse depicted in the video.

Penny Hall, Boulton’s defense attorney, told the court that his descriptions of what he wanted to do to children amounted to nothing but the fantasies of a depressed man. Boulton, at the time, had suffered from a self-described alcoholism. The combination of depression, and a stressful job drove Boulton from adult pornography to child pornography, the attorney told Newcastle Crown Court.

The undercover law enforcement officer, after contacting Boulton, made use of his fictional identity: the father of a 12-year-old girl and a 14-year-old girl. The conversations between Boulton and the officer centered on the two fictional children created by the officer. “The defendant immediately started asking about the other person’s daughters, suggesting he wanted to have some fun with them,” the prosecutor told the court.

Boulton described what he wanted to do to the officer’s daughters. The alleged fantasies, as reflected by the conviction, focused on rape and sexual assault. The prosecutor, though, disagreed with the notion that the messages had only represented Boulton’s fantasies. “The defendant clearly indicated he was interested in committing penetrative sexual activity [with the daughters],” the prosecutor said. Part of the prosecutor’s belief was formed after discovering the videos Boulton had sent to the undercover law enforcement agent. They featured adults sexually abusing children roughly the same age as the defendant’s daughters, he explained. He added that the children “appeared to be in distress.”

The undercover officer maintained the facade for months as Boulton began trusting the police-controlled profile. Boulton sent videos on numerous occasions and routinely spoke of abusing the fictional daughters. He told the officer that he had grown to trust the fake identity created by the officer. One day, after telling the officer that he trusted the “father,” Boulton sent the officer a message with his personal mobile number. The police raided his house one day after he had sent the message.

According to the prosecutor, the police discovered several types of illegal media on electronic devices in Boulton’s home. Officers arrested him for making and distributing indecent images of children. Boulton is now in prison, serving a 32-month sentence after the court convicted him for committing the same crime.

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