Submitted by 345436 on Sept. 14, 2018, 1:05 a.m.

Is EasySolutions legit?


I was the one who made the wary review, the positive reviews don't seem entirely legit. Look at their timestamps.

I can't find the pictures of their "victim" anywhere else on the net though, under the Proof of Service page. I'm desperate to find a real guy and I know the Murder Inc dude shilling on here is full of crap - It's literally Besa Mafia 3.0 down to the same guy running it.

I have contacted the dude behind the email and he has responded to me, but I have no idea if he's undercover so I'm not going to write back just yet.


  • legion Sept. 23, 2018

    Do you really think there would be a website for contract killers? Even if there were a worldwide assassination bureau do you think they'd publicise it?

    Devious creatures - authorities or scammers - play on our insecurities and weaknesses, and our willingness to be duped in order to get what we desire.

  • SHILL Sept. 14, 2018

    Your nuts bro! Your seriously looking for an online hitman? Good luck in jail.

  • SHILL Sept. 14, 2018

    Dying to know as well.