Submitted by informdrinking on Jan. 7, 2019, 5:07 p.m.


we can kill anybody you want (except minors or celebrities), or kidnap people you want.

for informations write an email to

killing (US): $ 15k in bitcoins
kidnapping (US): $ 8k in bitcoints
additional requests: from $800 in bitcoins

Outside USA

ASIA: + $8k in bitcoins
EUROPE: + $1k in bitcoins
REST OF THE WORLD: + $7k in bitcoins

To book send an email to the provided address with picture and details; once realized payment, order will be taken within 5 working days (11 for outside USA).

Bitcoin wallet: 3Er7vKkhBanadJ6w2vEXLgRWEkgnwmAKMV

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