Submitted by ataka on Jan. 31, 2019, 6:59 a.m.

WHO KNOWS legit weapons vendor??

Dear all !
I have many contacts with "vendors" and "shops" last time.
Everytime it seems to be a perfect deal, but as soon as I ask about eckrow, slows down every "vendor".
Typical dialogue is between me and scamer:
alphawolf2012, at 5:28 :
Hello i saw the email . Tge silencer is $450 and the ammo box of 500 9mm fmj . $75 . All the prices includes shipping to you .
We provide tracking and the package is shipped discretely
So the total will be $875 . For all including tje pistol

Buyer at 6:41 :
OK, but what is about eckrow?

alphawolf2012, at 6:43 :
We deal directly with our client's we do not do escrow .

BUYER at 6:43 :
what? ))
but I want to have eckrow and I pay for it
Also is it ok? AND what does it mean "We"?
I don't know who are you and it's our first deal, isn't it? That's why I want to secure our deal. What is your problem?

alphawolf2012, at 6:44 :
We provide shipping and tracking information to once we ship ouy

BUYER at 6:44 :
I don't know who are you!
ok I will answer you on your advertisment on paradise
mr. fisher ))))

alphawolf2012, at 6:48 :
I gey your point .but look security has become so necessary especially on weapon sales . Being as sure and discreet is every thing . I don't trust escrows

BUYER: certainly mr. fisher bla-bla-bla.

MY QUESTION IS WHO KNOWS a vendor, who has not any problem to work with eckrow?


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