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A dark net love story.

Early Sunday morning.

He got to sleep over the night after talking to Aluria user, after spending the night being tutored by her about the darknet. The two remained up, until late; the questions and tests provided her were quite taxing, for the budding darknet drug dealer. When he managed to wake up from his slumber, he noted that his teacher was already up and preoccupied. He slowly brought himself up and off of the sofa, which he had been sleeping for the night. Stretching his arms and legs out, he then began to make his way to the computer desk.

Wherever she was located, he ventured into the webpage she was at. She so happened to be in dream , and unaware of his presence that he was already online. He used Dream like a spy webpage. You could track if users are online but they limit the messages for vendors and users to converse. He decided not to make his presence apparent, and sent her a message over email. He now rested that email in between her screen, his typing compressed against the look of her face.

With his eyes closed he could see a wide smile on her face, She knew he was ready to make the purchase. He applied a good modicum of pressure against her, keeping a firm hold on knowing where to find he at all times. If she wanted to scam him for the DD she would have to completely dissapear. He did not care if this was unsolicited and inappropriate and he liked her authenticity.

"Good morning, Aluria..."

She had woken up earlier than most days, checking GP darknet forum then her email was a habitual ritual for her. She wanted to send Estevan a message before the breakfast was served and they were ready at the computer where they met for a full conversation. She had only placed the drugs in the next spot ready to be processed by the workers last night. Still haven't mixed anything or had anything ready yet to go. They all were on stood by until she arranged them in the most practical way possible to get out the door..

On the computer, Aluria messaged Estevan, hey how much do you need? She chuckled when he responded in less than a second. "Maybe I should just get the 1000 pills" Of course, that would be $3000 for that. Send me the bitcoin and let's start the process. She wasn't nearly as exhausted like some of the old vendors, but a younger more advanced mind clearly had the workout of its life with those complex problems and ready to face the bigger ones.. Nothing he would not see in her subject later on though, thus somewhat necessary.

Until, suddenly just as Aluria had made the deal. She messaged him and said send me 1 full bitcoin and I will just send you a very good deal for 1500€. She already had all the powder in a large bowl and was ready to mix them. She felt two cold hands slide on her neck and meet her warm shoulders covered beneath the wool. The sudden contrast between low and high temperatur made her drop the mixing tool as she gave a small jump and scream having caught off-guard and being scared by the sudden grab

He threw his shoulders and elbow backwards as part of a reflex, his face was suddenly overcomed by a shade of crimson red as he realized who had grabbed him- the original vendor who gave him the idea to do this had come back-. Though not mad, Aluria had not seen them in months since the strange dissapearence. It was clear since day one, the vendor had a strong attraction towards the business, but to cross boundaries like this was a no no. Maybe he must've grown impatient of waiting for something more to occur the before he dissapeared and wanted a cut from the pie.

He could feel his lungs volume increase and decrease as he took deep breaths, trying to bring himself to talk
"O-oh..." he let out a nervous chuckle and held the old vendor's hands. Trying to break their grip on his neck.

How is business; the old vendor said.

It was too innapropiate for them both to be in such a position, and given the clear age gap, Aluria couldn't help but simply have an odd feeling about it. He didn't want to hurt the old man.

"Good morning Al......."

You didn't forget my cut right? Said the old vendor before Aluria could get out the name.

Aluria would continue to try to break from his grip whilst turning around to face him; his face still blood rushed.

"Of course not where have you been?" As the grip slowly broke.

to be continued.......

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