Submitted by hellasida on Sept. 1, 2018, 10:30 p.m.

how much money did you make

how much money have you made on one run? i made about 10k in one night selling extscy. off to vegas i went


  • SHILL Jan. 14, 2019
    I contact this guy for western union transfer I give him 500 buks and he transfer me 3k in the state I recommend him for business

  • SHILL Sept. 14, 2018

    hello, I'm coming to you because I need help. I'm new to this dark web thing and only reason I'm on here is because I'm broke and tired of the 9 to 5 job. I'm not greedy so I'm not looking for a get rich quick. My goal is to make to 5000 to 10000 a week. I don't need more than that. But if the opportunity is there I will investigate. I know in this world nothing is free, but just like I said I need help. If I had money to give you I will but all my accounts are negative. I asking as a Man can you help me show me how to make money without a 9 to 5 and how to stay under the radar. I don't have anything to give but my loyalty, word, trust and hard work. Please Help

  • SHILL Sept. 2, 2018

    4 the longest i was selling mol buying 2k a brick and flipped for 7-8k. those were the days.