Submitted by thepaperman on Sept. 2, 2018, 6:04 p.m.

Quality Check

what does quality meth looks like. how can you tell without testing


  • SHILL Jan. 13, 2019

    Throw a tiny bit in a cap of bleach. It should go crazy (some call it dancing) if it's good quality. Bad dope won't do that

  • treezy Sept. 10, 2018

    Well, you actually ask a rather complicated question...

    Now most meth will have some salt left in it from the acidification step, unless it was well recrystallized a FEW times, but many cooks won't go the trouble (I wouldn't, recrystallization of any solid is a bitch). But really, a small amount of salt is not a big deal, nothing to be worried about. When salt-containing meth is smoked properly in a pipe, there will be a white residue (this residue does NOT look the same as the white cloudy coating that builds up along the length of the pipe, I am referring to the residue just where the little pool of meth was vaporized from). Leftover salt/acid can sometimes tåste a bit acrid as well, ESPECIALLY TOWARDS THE END OF THE HIT.

    Now, you notice I said 'smoke properly', well I have seen many people waste quality meth by holding the flame too close and not rotating the pipe...thus they BURN the meth before it can be vaporized. Also, if you smoke the meth as a powder (i.e. you don't melt it down into a clear pool first) then you will most likely burn it. And so you will see brownish-blackish residue in the pipe that is NOT due to impurity but due to you burning the meth....

    If you have meth that tastes nasty, or is any colour but white/clear, you can be sure it's somewhat impure.

    I don't know how experienced you are with smoking meth...I dont know how big your hits are but a small pool of meth will usually only give me 2 hits...and yeah, burning any leftover residue is nasty as fuck, and inevitably has some burnt stuff in it.

    Generally though there are MANY possible impurities in meth that taste nasty and leave a residue...impossible to tell what most of the time though.

    If after a few hits you can't see any clear liquid in the spot of the pipe where you melted down the meth, then don't smoke it more....that spot is done.

    Crystals turning greenish or bluish is NOT a good sign, but I'm not sure what could be in there based on that.

    It doesn't necessarily sound like methcathinone, you would have to determine the type of drug by the effects of the high, although I haven't ever seen methcat crystals.

    It is possible you had 4-methylaminorex, which is a rare drug, but can be sold as ice and comes in big chunks and is fucking foul to smoke.

    Regarding 'oil or water based', um, I'm not sure who told you that rubbish but yeah, that wouldn't have anything to do with it.

  • SHILL Sept. 2, 2018

    Your looking to start? I wouldn't. A nice clear crytal that melts to a liquid in your pipe is what you want.