Submitted by SHILL on Oct. 9, 2018, 8:42 p.m.

Making sure parcel does go through customs

Hello There! In a week I am traveling to Turkey and I plan to bring some prescription drugs back to Germany where I live. I know that it's probably a bad idea taking them with me in my suitcase or onboard luggage because if I get caught I face high penalty. I have thought of sending a few parcels back to Germany from Turkey.

Each parcel contains a portion of the drugs I have ordered.

1) What is the best measure to make a parcel look as innocent as possible so that it goes through German customs? Declaring as a gift? Packet size? Maybe even a letter with pills in a plastic bag? Any advice welcome. I have ordered a few drugs on the dark net but they came in letters. But the amount of pills I want to order is larger then a gram of speed. lol

2) Anyone have some Turkish addresses I can put for the sender address that are valid so it looks legit?

3) Any advice welcome. Specifically I am looking for lithium carbonate. Is a prescription drug. I haven't found anyone located in Germany who sells that on the darknet. Maybe s/o can refer me to a pharmacist or whatnot.

Peace out.

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