Submitted by SHILL on Aug. 8, 2018, 4:23 a.m.

Want to start an escort service.

My problem is I don't have girls. I know you need to social engineer these hoes into thinking you love them or something but you do fuck em before you pimp them, I'm a little confused on where to start. A little bit of backround on me....

I am 38 years old and built / good looking. I can get women I just do not know how to pimp them for sex. I used to sell weed. Maybe an advantage in this business? Anyone in this line of work and can help me get a start? I can pay buttcoin for good pointers and lessons. Leave a message with email and I will get back to you as soon as I see the post.


  • santander Sept. 3, 2018

    I am quoting excerpts from this answer:

    last part answers your question. he gives his protonmail in the comments

    I have 17 girls. Its nice income, but not for wimps. [....]

    Dont allow dealers or other assholes to be at your place. You will get problems with LE, if you are not willing or capable to handle scum or small competitors. The business is very near and often combined with slave sell, drug sell, gun sell and so. Some of the businesses are small, some are big. Find out when to stay still and when to not stay still. [...]

    Treat your girls friendly and with respect, pay them solid, but not too much. Employ them officially, at least 50% of them, if you can handle it. But dont be the nice guy. They will cheat on you otherwise in some ways. They will tell you they fucked 5 guys and fucked 7 or so, or they get lazy, etc. But in general dont be harsh or mafia movie like tough guy. This is not needed normally, but sometimes such movie things can happen. Do it right and you will not have serious problems.

    For getting girls, you just have to ask some girls in poorer neighbourhoods of east europe or in africa or so when you are on holidays fe. Make sure, that they know, that its a real and offical business, nothing dangerous. Many will say no, but some will say yes, if you give them a real contract, that they can verify, like tax number and so on. I can take you by the hand more, if you want me to. But i will do it not for free. Send me a pm if you want to know more. Then we go into further details. We will find a fair solution.

  • SHILL Aug. 10, 2018

    go to clubs and parties, look for young attractive females who seem to be 'regulars'.
    Supply the parties with drugs like Mdma, Adderall, Cocaine, and speed. Give them out for cheap or for free. Offer them to the girls who you see often. eventually get girls hooked on speed. Tell them that the other drugs are cheap and speed is more costly, They will need to pay for it. They will pay for it, eventually they will become more addicted, and they will stop working or going to college. they will become full time party girls/ meth heads. Eventually they're run out of money, they will ask to pay you back, Say sure. They will pay you back but eventually they will go into debt. One way or another, she will end up paying you with SEX. Then this will become more regular. And Then You will eventually start introducing her to your "Friends" who Will offer to pay for her drugs, and they will fuck her also. Eventually she will be coming to the club/party Broke AF and just hoping you brought someone who wants to "Meet" Her, so that she can have her Fix of drugs. At this point she is basically a prostitute. Offer her benefits Like free housing, Money & clothes. She wouldnt be able to refuse, All this free shit just to have sex with a few guys every week that she is probably chill with. Eventually this progresses into more then just a few times a week, soon it becomes several times a day. The key is to make them believe you aren't exploiting them and that you're not taking most of their earnings. You and the girls will become like a family or at least from the girls perspective. The girls will also think they're living the LIFE. partying every day and living FREELY. Any I have no idea if this would work but it's just an idea.
    I don't know why you want my email. But here it is